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A concise 'how to' book

Tension on the Line: The Secret to Hooking Readers - Angela Hunt

This is a concise 'how to' book to help you spot places your story might be dragging due to too much irrelevant information or backstory.  It starts out with a 'bad' example and then, step by step, shows you how to excise the irrelevant backstory along with a few other writing habits. It then goes on to show you how to use things such as strategic chapter breaks and dialog to increase tension. This book is short (real short ... only 42 pages).  In that 42 pages, it helps you get right in and fix a problem.  Make sure you understand this book is short-and-sweet when you buy it.  I bought the paperback version of this to keep on-hand.  I have since bought several more books in this 'Writing Lessons From The Front' series as they're just handy to grab as a refresher without searching through hundreds of pages of text.