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Save a horse!

Love By Design - Liz Matis



I tend not to like romance books where the two love interests start out expressing their interest in each other by antagonizing one another right out of the starting gate, so I've deducted half a star. If some guy talked to me like that, I'd be like "later, dude..." However, once the 'design' part of the underlying HGTV-style 'Love by Design' home remodeling show starts and there are legitimate -reasons- for those sparks to fly, this book takes off into a light-hearted, fun, and terribly saucy read that will have you flipping the pages and giggling at odd, random moments that will leave the people around you wondering, 'what ... is that woman with the e-reader daft in the head?' It took me a couple of chapters to warm up up to the two main characters (and those chapters were thankfully brief), but once it took off, it was a fun ride (literally 3:-) ).

Save a horse!!! 4.5 stars...