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A succinct, straightforward guide to planning out a fight scene for YOUR type of novel

Writing Fight Scenes - Rayne Hall


As a martial artist with moderate proficiency in three separate weapons (four if you include guns), and also a LARPer who LARPS in costume with weapons, I didn't think there would be a whole lot more this book would add to my existing knowledge, but I found it to be a succinct, straightforward guide to planning out a fight scene for YOUR type of novel (contemporary, fantasy, thriller, historical, etc.) and it covered a ton of things I had never considered before outside the context of my own genre.

This book appears to be deliberately set up to work well as a reference manual to go back to after you have read it to apply to whatever work-in-progress you may have. Do you need a fight scene between a non-skilled, female protagonist in a magical, historical-style setting? Against a larger opponent? A male? Perhaps simply a cad ... or is he out to kill her? What weapons would such characters use? This book is set up so you can easily go to the table of contents, find the information in the sub-headings, refresh your memory, and select your dream-dirk for your heroine to pull out of her leather bodice. Will her clothing help her or get in her way? What problems would such a lass encounter in a fight? It's all here. With no extra wordiness.

If I was to mention any detractor for the book, it's that there are no written examples of fight scenes themselves. I would deduct half- to a full-star for that, but then this book had links to numerous YouTube videos with live-action fight sequences, so I would ADD an extra half- or full-star for those alone, so I will be still averaging this out to a five-star review.