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"I put my heroes through hell..."

An Orwellian tale of the darker side of human nature.

King of Rats - Gregory Carrico

I love me a well-crafted bad guy, especially when a story helps you relate to a scumbag and then, in the end, when they get their comeuppance, you actually feel a little sorry for them. This is a quick, cathartic read, recommended for anybody who is having a bad day because of some scheming real-life 'rat' and could use an evil little pick-me-up with a Ha-hah!!! at the end.

King of the Rats is a short story which, in the styles of Franz Kafka and George Orwell, uses animals as a metaphor for the human condition. It successfully blends the animalistic social traits of rats, which are social creatures always vying for dominance over their pack, with the social traits of humans, both as pack animals and as individuals. Mentally substitute your humans of choice for the characters in this story (politicians? people you know? those social-grubbing 'momistas' in the PTA?) and forever more you will picture them with little gnashing teeth and graspy little claws 3:-)

A well-crafted tail [*snort ... get it ... tail*] with a surprise twist at the ending, you will be mad, glad, and sad to see how this story ends.

5 Greedy-Grubbing-Grabbing Rat-stars!!!