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Nice little feel-good Christmas story

Christmas at Ravencrest, A Dark Hero Christmas Short - Lily Silver

I realized after I got about two chapters into it that this is a SEQUEL novella to A Dark Hero, which I have not read yet, so the amount of backstory in the first chapter left me struggling a bit until I realized this was a sequel.

Yeah ... I know ... it states it clearly on the writeup ... but I downloaded it to my Nook quite some time ago and didn't read that disclaimer before diving into it on the road...

Okay ... that was the bad. Here's the good. I devoured this nice little feel-good short story in about the time it took for my kids activities and I think I smiled the entire time I read it. The characters were well-developed, I felt like I was actually transported back in time to the colonial-era West Indies, I could feel the heat, and I could feel the heroine's frustration at trying to plan a traditional Christmas dinner in a strange, tropical land (fish and mango for Christmas, anyone?) Except for a bit of 'huh' the first chapter (before I realized I'd read the books out-of-order), it was a charming Christmas story. Having not read the first book, it felt like being invited along to a friend's family Christmas gathering.

I have procured A Dark Hero, the precursor story to this book, and may revisit this story after reading it as I suspect I would enjoy it much better that way.

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