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No more talking bubble-heads!!!

She Sat He Stood: What Do Your Characters Do While They Talk? - Ginger Hanson

This is one of those short little 'solve the problem' writing skills book that delivers exactly what it promises. Your critique partner throws your manuscript back into your face scorning 'Bah! Talking bubble heads!' and this little book will help you figure out how to weave bodily action into your dialogue to make it seem more realistic.

Now I gave this book 5-stars because it goes beyond the usual 'go back and add body movement' advice by giving you a brief primer on the five senses (plus sixth-sense if you're writing fantasy) and the three styles of learning (audio, visual and kinesthetic) and then suggesting ways you can ADD those five senses and three styles of learning into your dialogue body movements and what people notice as they do all that moving around, and it teaches ways you can do this BEFORE you even write your scene so the bodily movements / senses come out in your first draft. There were a few places this book got a little cerebral, but I left with a definite checklist I'll be filling out beforehand to enhance my writing.

P.S. - Make sure you take advantage of the free handouts the author makes available on her website. They really are quit useful and you'll be using them again.